We Provide


No matter what the project, we can provide the services to help get it done.

From difficult-to-navigate lots, to unruly natural brush, to the Canadian Shield, Rieger Contracting has learnt how to make any space come to life for whatever its intended use. We demolish, blast, barge and excavate so that you can have the end result that you dream of.


Rieger Contracting has the expertise to consider all aspects of site development and plan for the unforeseen. Whether it be repairing problems to existing foundations and leaky basements, digging for a new foundation or septic system, or trenching for service connections, Mike Rieger has the experience to realize the true potential of your project.


Sometimes the old must go, whether for safety reasons or personal preference. Rieger Contracting has the experience and equipment to safely take down existing structures of any size and dispose of them legally. After demolition, the site can be restored or excavated further to allow for the new construction of your project.


The Canadian Shield is a beautiful geographic feature in Muskoka and Georgian Bay. Altering it is sometimes necessary to make a site more accessible and to provide proper drainage. Rieger Contracting can safely and professionally blast rock in a controlled environment, protecting the surroundings from debris and damage.

Lot Clearing

Rieger Contracting can safely and professionally clear a site of underbrush and fallen, dead or dangerous trees, opening a previously untamed portion of wooded area for development and enjoyment. Selected mature trees are removed only as needed to maintain the natural character of the lot, while allowing access to begin work on your project.

Roads & Driveways

Rieger Contracting builds long-lasting, quality roads and driveways that are easy and comfortable to navigate. We incorporate strategic planning for privacy and provide maintenance after heavy summer traffic, harsh winter weather and plowing. Whether you need some simple grading work to salvage loose material on the edges, new material laid down, or culverts, ditches, and slopes installed, Rieger Contracting has the equipment and expertise to have the job done right the first time.