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We don’t just build spaces. We create environments.

Designing and constructing unique stunning outdoor living areas is our priority. We know this is where you spend most of your time, so we focus heavily on the details of this space to make sure you can enjoy it the way that only you know how. 


A well-designed landscape can truly transform the overall comfort and experience of a home, not to mention enhance its value. Mike Rieger truly has an eye for how people use outdoor spaces and it's reflected in the final product. Erosion protection is incorporated into each project so that your space stays beautiful year after year. Using the highest quality material and the right sized equipment for the job, along with an experienced and skilled crew, transforms a bland site into a stunning show piece.

Featured Stone Work

Vast spaces can look bland, even in beautiful Muskoka. Rieger Contracting can bring these spaces to life with a few weathered boulders to enhance visual appeal and encourage appropriate use of space.

Retaining Walls

Create an elegant garden bed, elevate a walkway, or enhance a stunning lookout. Rieger Contracting constructs retaining walls of natural or manmade products that enhance the natural surroundings. Large indigenous boulders, naturally weathered and installed to suit your taste, will last for generations and look like they've been placed there by Mother Nature. For a more modern look, any number of man-made products can be used to provide structure.

Flagstone Patios & Walkways

Let Rieger Contracting help you wow your guests with a cocktail hour to remember on a beautiful flagstone patio with creeping thyme or clover accenting the edges. Turn your favourite place to view the Muskoka sunset into a gathering place for great conversations or comfortable reflection.

Meandering granite pathways turn the walk around your property into its own experience. Stone steps, wide enough for two to comfortably walk and talk, coupled with landings for a quick break to catch your breath, make those steep inclines more manageable. Rieger Contracting installs large portions of thick granite slab to define any pathway. They look great and last generations, plus they help to keep dirty summer feet to a minimum.